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From our first breath to our final sigh, music soundtracks our lives.  Verses benchmark our greatest successes and deepest regrets.  Melodies map our highest hopes and most harrowing heartaches.  A cacophony of sound inaugurates our living and memorializes our dying.   And perhaps through more than any other form of communication, the medium of music recognizes, clarifies and provokes the spiritual realm – where Heaven meets Earth.

Texas-based independent singer-songwriter Micah Peacock can attest to music’s potent play in our spiritual lives.  As an experienced worship leader, Micah has witnessed first-hand the holistic spiritual perspectives music motivates in the day-to-day life of a Christ follower.  “To see people embrace fresh ways of worshiping the Lord and beginning to realize what true worship is,” Micah relates, “and what that kind of encounter with Jesus can mean in our lives, is amazing.”

As stories of fresh spiritual awareness began to surface in his life and the lives of his friends in the faith, Micah started journaling the best way he knew how – by writing songs that birthed his first full-length record, Shadow to Sunlight.

“As a new season of my life was unfolding in Dallas, I began to pick up on the glimpses of eternity right in front of us,” he relates with the same manner of thoughtfulness that wisely shapes his songwriting and humble leadership posture.  “Writing about these stories evolved into this album.”

“Truth is not a battlefield for fights among the intellects / It’s Who we’re pointing to and how we’re looking at the rest...” – from “Mystery”

For many songwriters, leading worship is a forum to publicize their original art and help in establishing a professional name among peers in the industry.  For Micah, a history of leading worship for congregations across the country has thoughtfully informed his songwriting craft, causing musical worship of God, and the experience that creates for the church, central to his musical message.

“When I lead worship, I see the light bulbs turn on in people’s minds as we discover what worship can mean in our lives,” he explains of his motivation to connect corporate worship with personal connection to God.  “There seems to be an overarching call to crack the veneer of Christianity and push forward to a more through-and-through commitment.”

“Our culture is full of people who long for deep experiences – within our faith, within our jobs, within our marriages and relationships – but our spiritual eyes have been conditioned to see things as a fraction of what they are meant to be,” Micah opines.  “We have set our sights on building a personal, future empire, instead of opening up our hearts to the possibility that Heaven itself is being built in the stillness of the here and now.”

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