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When I became a husband, I knew that I was choosing a whole new level of responsibility. And I was thrilled about it.

Then we had kids.

I quickly realized I had no clue just how much responsibility I was accepting. Just like that, I had quite a few chits on the table.

I wanted to learn how to ensure that my growing family was taken care of and that I'd be able to make manifest the life we envisioned. I needed help. But when I went looking for it, all I found was noise - social media, blogs, podcasts, TV, talk radio... Too many sources, too many conflicting opinions from "experts." So I decided to pursue the answers myself.

It wasn’t easy, but I became a fully-licensed professional advisor. I sat at the feet of some of the top advisors in the nation. I achieved clarity on these things.

Since then, I’ve been designing a program that doesn't just deliver the information, but shows you how to implement, step-by-step, in a way you haven't seen before (and without you having to change your career).

If you’ve recently entered a new reality, like I did, I can help you put a strong foundation in place, feel confident in your plan, manage your progress, and care for your family the way I know you want to.

Join the men who’re stepping up to the plate, and let’s make money a non-issue for you.


Money Modernized is an online training program that makes cash flow, investing, risk management, and other essentials easy to understand and lays out the step-by-step process of achieving financial maturity. Schedule a call to learn more.

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